Hammy Web Services LLC

Hammy Web Services is a small networking and IT firm offering individualized services for companies and individuals.

Services Offered

  • Customizable Recursive Resolver: Households can request customizable recursive resolvers based on Pi-hole and for Families
  • Minecraft Servers: We provide hosting for personal minecraft servers with their own dedicated IP
  • Bungee/Waterfall Minecraft Proxies: If you already have minecraft servers on another provider or with us, we can help to mesh them together with a proxy
  • Web Hosting: Run your websites on the edge in our well-connected datacenters with free SSL for all websites
    • NodeJS
    • PHP
    • Lua
    • OpenResty
    • Docker container
    • Got another? just ask us!
  • Secondary hosting: Multi-home your critical infrastructure on both your network and ours
    • DNS servers
    • NSQ Daemon
    • More? just ask :)
  • Wireguard semi-mesh VPN: while Wireguard vpns typically run in a full mesh or through a single node, we have a custom solution for redundant wireguard hosts without any of the extra headache from a full mesh! We also offer meshed or single wireguard servers if interested
  • BGP sessions: at select POPs reach out for more info
  • See something missing from the list that we can probably help with? Just ask us at the contact link below


Have a problem you can't solve or software you need written? Our trained team of experts can help!

Contact Us

Contact us here for any questions, pricing, or if you think we can help you.