AS212149 is a small IPv6-only educational network operated by Hampton Moore (Hammy).

  • Feb-27-2021: Moved "Dynamic Page Background Color by Encoding RGB into IPv6 Addresses" over to Hammynet IP Space
  • Jan-22-2021: Upstream Global Secure Layer now announcing routes to Hurricane Electric & Cogent in NYC, switching GSL to preferred upstream and downstream for 2602:fd50:f30::/46 le /48
  • Jan-12-2021: FluffyScratch setup on dal01.hammy.network and first thousand users served
  • Jan-10-2021: Dallas Node (dal01.hammy.network) donated by FossHost to run FluffyScratch
  • Jan-04-2021: Deprecating 2602:fcff:20::/44 and starting move to 2602:fd50:f30::/44
  • Dec-26-2020: Tunneled IP Transit from AS137409 acquired. (NYC -> Massachusetts)
  • Dec-22-2020: Hammy.network website setup using Cloudflare to proxy IPv4 users
  • Dec-22-2020: Tunneled IP Transit from AS34927 acquired. (KCIX -> Massachusetts)
  • Dec-18-2020: Acquired range 2602:fcff:20::/44 from Evalse
  • Dec-17-2020: First IP transit setup through AS62513. Now listening at 2a10:9902:100::/48. (VPS in Toronto, Canada)
  • Dec-16-2020: RIPE creates AS212149



Our current upstreams are: